The Ins and Outs of Winterizing Your Vehicle in Corvallis, OR

If you're an Oregonian, there's no doubt about the fact that you've endured your fair share of winter weather. While you and your Albany, OR area family may be immune to the cold, or at least resilient to it, your vehicle is not. That's why winterizing your model is a key factor to your model's success in any weather condition. It's also a great way to ensure the safety of you and your family as you travel through inclement weather, storms, or slick surfaces. Enlist the help of our team here at Wilson Motors to learn how best to winterize your model both at home, and with the help of our team near Salem, OR.

What You Can Do to Winterize Your Model

There are a few things you can do yourself to prepare your vehicle for winter; however, we'd always recommend supplementing these tasks with an appointment at a trusted service center, too. For example, you can:

  • Check your lights—see if any of them look dull, foggy, or in need of repair—if you make a note, you can get this fixed at your appointment
  • Replace your windshield wipers, or purchase new wipers in advance of your maintenance appointment
  • Arm your vehicle with a safety kit. If you get stuck in a snowstorm with a vehicle issue, it's a good idea to have some blankets, flares, water, and other basic safety precautions stashed in the trunk

What are the Benefits of Winterizing?

When you winterize your model, you're taking proactive charge of your vehicle's health. It's a way of preventing issues down the line and a way to catch any small repair before the weather takes its toll and turns them into larger, more costly repairs. With the peace of mind that winterizing appointment will provide you, you and your family can tackle any snowstorm with greater confidence. Your vehicle will be equipped with the tools and protection it needs to be prepared and perform its best.

What We'll Do at a Winter Maintenance Appointment

We'll take care of the following details at your winter maintenance appointment:

  • Oil change and oil filter change
  • General fluid refills
  • Battery inspection: It's important to go into the winter season with a battery in good condition. This will reduce the risk of your engine not starting and ensure that your warming features, such as heated seats, work properly.
  • Tire Rotation or Change: If you drive with snow tires, our team will switch them out for you. If not, rotations are highly suggested to ensure you have good tread and traction across slick surfaces.
  • Windshield wiper and wiper fluid replacements: Go into the snowy season with fresh wiper blades and plenty of wiper fluid—which is predominantly used in the cold weather. If you feel confident replacing your wiper blades yourself, you can do so beforehand, or we cant take care of that for you.

Book Your Service Appointment near Lebanon Today

Now's your chance to enlist the expertise and help of our service department. Together, we have decades of combined experience and are here to help make your vehicle last as long as possible, regardless of what kind of driving you do. If you drive a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram model, we have the service technicians to accommodate you. However, we can also take care of vehicles of any make or model-so please don't hesitate to come to us for your winter appointment regardless of which brand of vehicle you drive around Newport.